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I know, I know…

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Two months without an update, I know. I suck at this whole blog updating thing.

Lets re-cap what happened in the past couple months. February; I spent all month sick as a dog. Came up for air about mid-month to buy chocolates and a big ass card for my wife and then went back to bed. don’t remember much else. March wasn’t much better, but had less sickness and more working. In no particular order here are some random thoughts…

-Fantasy Firearms came out. The store I work at ordered one copy that sold out like ten minutes after they put it on the shelf. So they ordrered six more copies. (I guess someone mentioned to the guy doing the orders that it was my book!) I bought one copy for myself just cuz. The remaining copies all sold fairly quickly. I abused my position at the store by putting it prominently on the top shelf of the new release rack and even sticking a copy next to the Pathfinder Core Rulebook in our Pathfinder section. I have not heard from Mongoose about what sales look like from their end. I’ll be putting the PDF version out later this week so that should be good as well.

-In my personal life I attended a three day NRA Training Counselor Workshop so in addition to being an NRA certified instructor, I can teach people to become NRA certified instructors themselves. It was three days of bookwork and teaching, with not a single shot fired; which is odd for an NRA class, huh? I’m working with my friend who works for the NRA teaching free woman’s courses and we have another class later this month.

-My wife is still looking for a job. She’s working now at a temp position that has plenty of work for her but wants to find something permanent. Fingers crossed!

-We had a flood in our basement due to a backed up pipe. This was discovered the same day that our blower fan died on the furnace. Cost me near a grand as I had the plumber and the HVAC guys traipsing around in the basement. I had to cut a huge swath of carpet out so we are going to have to re-do the floor.

-We played an awesome game of the Savage Worlds RPG last weekend when my twin brother was visiting. We wanted to game, but one-shot adventures can be problematic. I made up the characters before hand so everyone was playing “themselves” with some fun edges and hindrances thrown in. (I had Addiction: Diet Coke as a major hinderence for example.) The game started with “us” sitting around the table playing an RPG because my brother was in town, and then the Zombie Apocolypse kicked off! Since we were in my friends house who works for the NRA and has a rather large gun collection we were off to a great start. There were looting thugs, zombies, and soldiers. The players were wise enough not to heed the evacuation order to report to pour old high school which was over-run by the infected. :-)

-We had such a good time playing Savage Worlds we are kicking off a fantasy campaign using the rule set using the Fantasy Grounds software to play online. I’m looking foward to playing with some of my friends and family that live too far away to get together IRL. I’ll let you know how it goes.

-Yesterday I spent some time actually painting some figures! I darn near finished my Raputina Faction for Malifaux. I need to pick up a couple of colors I’m missing but for being so out of practice I think they are turning out pretty nice. Pics soon. There is a guy running demo’s at our game store on Saturday’s so I’m bringing them with me next weekend to get in a game or two after I get off work. I have two factions and the rule book but have never actually played the game yet! I have also promised myself I’d finish painting the two factions I own before I get any more. Can’t wait to pick up the Gremlins!!

The new Infinity core rules just hit and the figures look AWESOME! I am so tempted to get this game. If only I had some more disposable income!

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