Blog Update for 08/02/10

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A lot has been going on in all areas of my life.

Wife got laid off over a month ago.

Air conditioning broke on the hottest week of the year.

Spent three grand on a new AC.

I got a part time job at my friendly local game store to make some extra money.

I was contacted by a new artist who is doing a couple of images for our Fantasy Firearms book.
Check out the work in progress:

I have another artist working on the new cover. (My first choice ran into some scheduling issues and was unable to complete the project, costing me over a month of time. What are you gonna do?)

So I plan to have the Fantasy Firearms project completely wrapped by Mid Aug.

I am not attending Gen Con as planned. (See the above mention of my wife’s job situation.) But I’m still taking the time off from work to focus on Skortched Urf’ Studios business. I’ve got plenty of projects that need attention; the Black Tokyo follow up, Freefrom Anthropomorphica, the next Campaign Overlay and others. Like I said, lots going on.

I see Louis worked out a deal to sell his POD print stuff through Paizo. It will be interesting to get the details on that one. If your producing Pathfinder stuff, then Paizo is where you want to be.

While checking out the stuff on the shelves at my new job (to employ my employees discount!) I almost decided to purchase the Rogue Trader rulebook from Fantasy Flight.

Then I decided I’d rather just have the PDF so I can look at it on my iPad. That’s a big deal right there. I don’t really want a ton of books clogging up my shelf anymore. I do want the content, but I am just as happy with said content on my computer or reading device. Funny thing though, my copy of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook PDF is missing all of the “A”s in the section titles. They appear in the text and the chapter titles, but not throughout the book. I’ve tried two different reader apps as well. Weird. So now I have all 500+ pages of the Pathfinder RPG, along with the Game Mastery Guide (300+ pages), the Traveller core rule book (200+ pages) plus a bunch of other RPG supplements along with books, comics, screenplays and projects I’m working on in one handy device. (In color I might add!)

So when I do decide to get the Fantasy Flight books, I am leaning mightily towards the electronic versions for half the price of the dead-tree. Now of course that doesn’t mean I’ll never get another RPG Book again; far from it. But sixty bucks for the core rules is quite a commitment! Heck, they are even putting out the adventure modules (one-shot use items, bear in mind) as hardback books. Might as well be GW putting them out for the premium price one needs to pay to be fully invested in Rouge Trader and Dark Heresy!

I think the sweet-spot for RPG products is right near twenty bucks. Some products under and some not-too-far over. Think Palladium games, who pioneered the trade-paperback format for rulebooks. Back in the day they were all about twenty bucks; or twenty-four or maybe thirty for the main RIFTS book. That’s two twenties with enough change to let you hit McDonalds on the way home. Rouge Trader is three twenty dollar bills plus tax; so you will break four twenties before you hit the drive-thu for a burger and fries! Don’t get me wrong; they are awesome books. The production value is second to none on these things. Only Privateer Press and the other “Big Names” (WOTC & Paizo) even come close. But I’m just going to dog-ear the pages, spill soda and chips on them and scribble in the margins. Anyway, those are my two cents about the hardback trend in RPG’s. Unless it’s a collectors item or massive like the Pathfinder RPG then I’m happy with the paperbacks. And you can still have a darn nice paperback in color; just check out what Privateer Press is doing if you don’t agree.

More information soon!

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