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Hi all, I’m back at work after a long Thanksgiving weekend.  I spent it with my family here local and frankly didn’t do too much all weekend.  I caught the last disk of Glee Season One and most of Doctor Who Season Two. :-)

So now it’s time to dust off my desk and get back into the swing of things.

Black Tokyo has sold quite well, and work is progressing on the latest release which will hit before Christmas.

I have a few Traveller PDF’s on deck that need some tweaking; look for our latest S.C.A.R.E. later this week.

In print news the Campaign Overlay: Fantasy Firearms book is listed on the Mongoose Publishing site and slated for release in February! There is even a discussion about it on the Paizo site that I plan to wade into after I make this post.

In other news I’ve recently acquired the Savage Worlds rule books and am thinking about supporting it in addition to Pathfinder and Traveller.  I plan to run a group through the War of the Dead scenarios to get a feel for the system.

I find I really like the “Rules Light” aspect of the system.  Throw in a Zombie Apocolypse scenario and that has all the makings of a fun time!  I am also really liking the linear way the scenario plays out in the War of the Dead campaign.  The PC’s basically begin on a cruise ship when the Zombie outbreak occurs on ship.  Eventually they arrive on land where they find out that it wasn’t isolated to just the ship but the world.  I haven’t finished reading it much past the time they get to land and have a few enconters but I do like most of it.

I’ve always like the idea of leading players into a “new world” where we take them from a familiar setting and progress into the new events.  Unlike many settings where they take great pains to set up a cool new “sandbox” to play in and just throw the players in.  I think Rifts is a great example of this; the world is neat and the factions well laid out.  They did a great job of spelling out how the world worked and what the changes were etc.  But in the end you just make up a Juicer or a Full Conversion Borg and go have some fun shooting things in the face with a Shemarian Rail Gun!

Now what if they had the PC’s get up and go to work like normal, then have the rifts open and all these crazy things start happening around them?  Now that is a completely different game.  Don’t get me wrong; I played a ton of Rifts and am not putting them down; I’m just saying that starting within the Rifts (or any other) setting is different than being part of the transition.  That is one of the real strenghts of the War of the Dead campaign so far; and I’m looking forward to running it. 

I have some ideas I’ve wanted to publish as a linear format along the same lines for a while now.  (My “Omens of Armageddon” modern setting/adventure path idea.) So now that I see how the pulled off the War of the Dead I am seriously thinking of dusting off that project and moving forward.

In other news I think I’ve mentioned I have a part-time job working at a local game store.  Well, in the past few weeks I managed to get a steal on a massive 40K Ork army, and this weekend a guy came in wanting to off-load some old figures so I snagged a basic Lizard Man army and more Necrons to add to my army!  (I only really wanted the Monolith, but it was like getting the figures for free to go with it.)  The deals were too good to pass up but now I have even more stuff to paint that I’ll never get around to painting! :-)

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