S.C.A.R.E. Vol. 5 released

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We just put out the latest release in the S.C.A.R.E. line for the Traveller RPG.

S.C.A.R.E. – Secrets, Contacts, Allies, Rivals and Enemies. They are part and parcel of the character generation process, and provide endless opportunities for adventure, intrigue and complication. The S.C.A.R.E. line gives you NPC’s designed to provide maximum flexibility as they can be used in several ways; either as a valuable Contact or Ally, or as a dangerous Rival or Enemy. Secrets can be exploited for profit, patriotism or career advancement; and each could lead to danger, wealth or fantastic new discoveries. Multiple plot hooks and adventure ideas are also presented in each release, allowing easy integration into your game.

It’s a fact that 99.8 percent of all RPG adventures begin at a bar or tavern.  Why should Traveller be any different?  The latest release in the S.C.A.R.E. line details Marion “Sarge” Dynes, an ex ground assault marine turned bar owner!

This PDF release includes information on Marion Dynes, the “Charlie’s Last Stand Bar” (named in honor of his father),  as well as his background, personality, and how he treats his Allies, Contacts, Rivals or Enemies. There are also dozens of adventure hooks and ideas for using “Sarge” in your game.

For sale now at RPGNow and DriveThru RPG.  Click HERE to view the sales listing including a full Flash preview of the PDF.

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