Mid-May Update

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Yeah, yeah, I know.  I *really* need to get on top of this blog posting thing.  Lots going on.  Lets get to it…

Chris Field is cranking out material at a furious pace.  His last PDF just dropped off the front page so look for another title later today.  He’s got a slew of them on deck and at least two major projects in the pipeline.  (Have you seen the new cover for his Otherverse America setting?  It friggin’ rocks!)

The wife still hasn’t found full-time employment but she is interviewing like crazy.  she had a phone interview last week with a company that will be flying her in this Monday for an in-person interview.  She’s crazy excited about that one and hopes she gets it.  If she does it would probobly mean a move from VA to where the company is located.  If the money is right, I told her we would go.  She also has another interview with another big-name company on Wednesday, as a follow up to her phone interview a few days ago.  That would be more local, though I *know* she would prefer to other job.  (I’m not naming names or anything until its official; cuz right now it’s just a phone call and a trip to interview and not a solid time-to-pack-our-stuff job offer.

We’ve been playing the Savage Worlds fantasy RPG online using Fantasy Grounds II and Skype and it’s going pretty well.  My brother is having connection issues with FGII as he was unable to connect the last two times we played so we just rolled for him in the software and did everything else via Skype.  We played last night and it was a blast!

I broke down and bought the Infinity rule book as well as a starting kit.  (Line Cossacks.) I have started painting them already so my painting table is getting pretty crowded!

In publishing news I am itching to start back in to a regular production schedule. I dusted off the Augments & Upgrades ideas for Traveller and am aiming to put them out on at least a weekly basis. I have a few larger projects on deck as well.

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