A Big Update -Boston here I come!

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Well, as the three people that read this Blog know (Hi Mom!) my wife has been looking for a job. Well, she found one! She recently graduated with a Masters in Public Health and that landed her a job in Boston at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She is *incredibly* excited about it since she went to college in Boston and loves the area. She was offered enough money that it doesn’t make any sense to stay here in VA, so we’re moving!

The company I work for full time has their HQ in Bedford, MA so I’m seeing what I can do to transfer up there. But even if I can’t right away, her new income will allow me to find another job or *possibly* go full time with Skortched Urf’ Studios. We’re still crunching the numbers and beating the bushes within the company to see if I can swing a transfer so I can keep my full-time income; which is plan ‘A’. (Though plan ‘B’ with me publishing and writing full time is also very enticing!)

She starts in early July so I have about five weeks to pack, prepare my current house for sale, and move to Boston. We’ll probably drive up there next weekend to start looking for a place. I’m going to be busy. I’m both sad and excited at the same time; sad to leave the DC area as I have grown up here, but excited to begin life in a new city.

On to other topics; the Digital Product at Retail Experiment continues!

I took the cards to the game store last weekend and showed them to Lee Garvin. We showed them to lots of customers to get input and feedback. Overall the feedback for the concept was extremely positive! The VistaPrint cards are a tad too thin, we concluded, so we’re looking at 16pt card stock from some other printers. Lee and I also concluded that the idea of using a credit-card sized plastic card with the scratch-off download code in conjunction with a 4×6 paper hanging card would be optimal in terms of customer recognition of *what the product is* as well as security since to get to the scratch-off code you would have to remove the plastic card from the hanging card. I did , however see a ton of the same type of cards at Best Buy over the weekend for all kinds of things like XBox live points, NetFlix and CinemaNow etc.

That brings up another point that needs addressing. I think we as publishers need to decide on a standard format for these cards. Look at CD’s and DVD’s; they all come in the same size box unless its a special collector edition or something. These hanging cards should be the same general size since the ultimate goal is that many publishers on board. I am proposing that a standard 4×6 inch card be that “standard” size. Most printers are already set up to do cards that size, and it leaves plenty of real-estate for images and sales text. Scratch-off cards for XBox live and Game Stop games are a bit smaller, but I don’t see a need to exactly emulate them in this case as we *want* room to tell our customers what the product is. So 4×6; what do you guys think?

Louis is working on a back end system to handle the download codes. I have two options I’m toying with myself, but I’d be happy to use a single middle-man for delivery if the price is right. (Are you listening One Book Shelf?) Between us we’ll come up with a good system for handling and protecting the download side of the equation.

More info soon! (I feel the need to go home and watch the Boondock Saints for some reason.)

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