June 21 2011 Update

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No, I have not stopped working on the Digital Download Experiment; in fact there are some very cool things happening behind the scenes. We’ve opened a dialogue with the fine folks at One Book Shelf about it. More information as it becomes available!

Last weekend was my last day working the part-time job at the game store. My wife has officially stopped working at her current job and we are in full-blown get-the-house-ready-to-sell mode. So naturally, after three years in the house without any problems the master bathroom started to leak and now the ceiling of the living room has a big water splotch. The plumber is coming over today to find the cause of the leak but for sure we will be painting the entire ceiling, which totally SUCKS cuz I was trying to avoid that.

My wife and her parents got the basement painted so now it’s up to me to put in the new flooring which I’ll be doing this week. After we finish all that we will finally be able to actually put the house up for sale!

On the publishing front I got my first check for Fantasy Firearms in the mail. While I can’t sneeze at the amount I will admit I was somewhat disappointed in the total number of units sold so far. I went with Mongoose because of their experience getting products into the market and their name recognition, but all that apparently wasn’t enough to get as many books sold the first quarter as I was hoping. We’ll see how the summer picks up, what with GenCon coming up and all.

I put up the new RPG Battlechangers last night from Chris Field and Otherverse Games. That one looks like a lot of fun, I have to admit.  Chris has several more products on deck as well so look for them soon.  I also saw on Chris Fields website that he’s thinking of doing a Pathfinder Modern rule set.  I was initially against it as I was *sure* Paizo was going to do it, but there wasn’t even a rumor of it coming out of Paizo Con last week.  So I told Chris I think it’s a great idea and offered to help if he wanted it.  I have a ton of art and plenty of content.  I’ll keep you posted, but even if Chris goes it alone I can’t think of any writers I know of that can make the old D20 Modern rules “sing” like Chris can; he’ll bring the fresh and deliver a top-notch system if anyone can.  Yes, I pledged to the Kinckstarter that the Super Genius guys were trying to do, but $70,000 is a lot of scratch to put up for a RPG project.  There are those guys (I forget the company name off the top of my head) who *OWN* the Psionics rules for Pathfinder; so why not Chris Field for a P-Modern version?

I spent an hour yesterday at my credit union setting up a business account because they didn’t want to take the $60 check that Paizo wrote me for last month’s earnings.  (Even though I’ve been depositing small checks for about a year now.)  So anyway, I now have an “Official” Skortched Urf’ Studios business checking account.  (They had some trouble pronouncing it at the credit union!) So someone please tel me why Paizo can’t just send me funds via PayPal like everyone else in the free world?  Come on guys, get with the program.  I love the prestige of having a checking account with checks and an ATM card and all, but I write out like three checks a year since everything else is on a bill pay service or paid via credit or debit card.  Paizo, you guys really need to move into the 21st century instead of mailing checks out to everyone.

Well, that’s about all for now.  More info soon!


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