Aug 2011 Update

| Thursday, August 11th, 2011 | No Comments »

What a couple of month’s its been! Things are crazy busy over here.

First, I finished doing all the work to the house and put it up for sale. After a whopping seven days on the market we had a cash offer! We settle on Monday. Tonight I’m having a couple of relo-cubes delivered. (Like PODS, only better.) Saturday I have several friends and some family coming over to help me finish packing. Sunday will be spent cleaning up the house. Monday morning we close!

I’ll spend the remainder of Aug living with a friend in Maryland and head up to Boston for the first weekend in September where we will unload the relo-cubes and move into our new apartment there. A few weeks back my wife and I signed a lease on the place, so that is good to go. It will be smaller than our current home, but until we decide the long term housing arrangements we think renting for a year or two is the best option.

So once settled in our new place the plan is to fire up the publishing schedule and move forward on some long overdue projects. In the mean time Chris Field has been putting stuff out at a furious pace.

I was very sorry to miss Gen Con this year but it just wasn’t in the cards. Next year for sure.

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