One Week To Boston!

| Thursday, August 25th, 2011 | No Comments »

I’m homeless. Sold my home last week. I have all my stuff packed up in Relo-Cubes and a truck took them up North. I’m staying with a friend for the rest of my time in the D.C. area. A week from today I’ll be moving into my new apartment with my wife.

I’m not going to lie; all this has put a crimp on our publishing schedule. But I intend to crank it waay up once I get settled in up North. I’m already scoping out some freelance help. I’m shopping for a new computer. The one I have at home now is over four years old; that’s like seventy in computer years! I bought it with profits from the first Black Tokyo title! Anyway, I’m going to set up the new office and get cracking on some long overdue titles that need to be pushed out.

My final days are already planned out here. The last couple of days have been “goodbye” lunches from coworkers. Tomorrow is another. (I’m going to hit the game shop at lunch today!) Saturday will be spent teaching a women’s only NRA Basic Pistol Course at NRA HQ in Fairfax with my good friend who works there in the Education & Training division. Sunday is set aside for time with my parents. Monday the guy they hired to replace me shows up so I’ll have him for half a day after orientation, and all day Tuesday to continue his training. Wednesday I’m taking off early to pack up the car and head North. I’ll drive as far as I feel like and stop at a hotel; then finish the trip Thursday to Boston where I will begin unloading the Relo-Cubes and cursing my ability to cram too much stuff into small spaces. I’ll have the long holiday weekend to unpack. The Tuesday after Labor day I start my new gig up there. (I was able to transfer within the same company I work for now, which is awesome!)


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