7 RPG Perls of Wisdom

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From one of my long-time friends and a member of my online RPG game by way of advice to our buddy who is DM’ing his daughter and her friends in their first RPG…words we can (and have!) all live by:

  1. Prudent dice rolling is required for party happiness and success.  They were right to berate the ranger for sucking.  Hopefully in the future said Ranger will suck less.  However the occasional death of a party member will remind everyone that dice rolls are important.
  2. If your not cheating you are not trying.  Not every dice roll needs to be in the presence of the DM nor accurately reported.
  3. Learn the rules of the game so you can successfully argue with the DM.  Getting the DM to capitulate can not only save the party from harm but can also pay good dividends in general party happiness.
  4. Always write down an extra zero when told how many experience points you have been awarded.  This will allow your characters to get stronger faster and therefore survive more encounters.
  5. Have a shape shifter that can only turn into small furry woodland creatures such as a titmouse, owl or other worthless creature.
  6. Whenever anyone finds gold or silver coins, everyone should write it down; after a brief argument of who will take the treasure.  This will allow the group to gather wealth faster
  7. Learn to bitch, whine and complain.  The average DM will not be able to tolerate such an assault to the ears for any extended period of time and will assuredly change the course of the game just to make the bitching stop.  If this is not working fast enough threaten to quit playing.

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