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I can now say I am officially moved into our new place here in Boston! The boxes are unpacked, the house is in order so we can have people come visit. Even starting to make a few friends.

Time to get back on the publishing train. Back when Skortched Urf’ Studios started, we were doing near two releases *a week* for the first year. While I’m not planning to replicate that feat just yet, I do think we can be more consistent than we have been. And when I say that, I am not talking about Chris Field and Otherverse games. Hes been on a roll for the last few years, with no signs of slowing down. What I’d like to do is start matching his output with Skortched Urf’ Studios projects.

So what do we have in the pipeline? I have a Pathfinder project a freelancer pitched to me on deck. I made a few suggestions and he has been busily revising and adding to the idea. Look for that soon. Also, I am dusting off an idea I had even before we published our first product. I have some concept art already done, more in development and several free previews coming soon. I’m calling the setting “Pandora Rising”. It will be a kick-ass modern setting where we re-introduce magic and fantasy elements in an cool and interesting way. I’m leaning towards making the initial release for the Savage Worlds rule set. More info on that soon.

On the Traveller front I’d hard at work on a new line called “Augments & Upgrades” which will cover all kinds of cool stuff your character can spend his credits on. Think of it as the Cybernetics book on steroids. That will be a series of short PDF’s with each detailing a specific area of augments. The first one, detailing various power plants and incorporating the Drain mechanic carried over from some of Chris Field’s D20 Modern cybernetics releases, will be out soon and I’ll probably make that one a free release. Following that will be PDF’s that cover various types of augments grouped by type such as Appearance, Armor & Protection, Stealth & Surveillance, Weapons, Sensors etc.

While Pathfinder is all the rage these days, I haven’t done much for the system. I am thinking of updating all of our Adventurer Essentials PDF’s and adding more content for a Pathfinder re-release of each, as well as adding the ones that still need doing like the ten foot pole!

Add in some fiction writing and a few other ideas that aren’t quite ready to be released and it is starting to look like 2012 is going to be a busy year!

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When we send out a customer email it usually goes to over 7,000 people! While I love the idea that I can reach that many gamers, and will continue to use the RPGNow mail feature, I also see the real value in identifying our “True Fans”. Signing up for our mailing list of your own free will is a sure sign of that. Lets face it, most of those 7,000 people are ones who purchased one of the charity bundles RPGNow has done in response to the many natural disasters that have hit over the years. We think those have been great and were happy to donate products, and will do so in the future. But that doesn’t translate into us being able to reach our fans specifically; hence “The List”!

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