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As you can read from the last post, I have my iPad configured to do blog posts now.  With my Blue-Tooth keyboard I am all set to get more regular posts up.  So, just what am I working on right now?

Well, for starters I have some kick ass art coming in for the next Black Tokyo release.  I’ll post some images soon. I also got a great piece of art back for a Sci-Fi setting I’m working on.

The Sci-Fi setting is still in the early stages of development, but the concept art piece I commissioned came in looking great.  I have some setting notes and am planning a three tier release.  The setting will be released with rules for the Traveller and Savage Worlds system. I’m also plotting some fiction set in the new setting that will also help it really take shape.

I sent some scripts over to an artist for the Pandora Rising project as well.  Once the comic-book style pages come back I’ll put those out as a free preview of the setting. This project has been on the drawing board for a long time.  I plan to do the setting akin to the War of the Dead series of linked adventures that take players from their “normal” world and throw them into the new reality.  I really like that way of introducing a new setting.

The follow on will be the campaign book which will be more like what most RPG players are used to.  I’m calling that Pandora Risen, and it will be more like picking up the Ebberron setting book or the Forgotten Realms setting book where all of the world is mapped, major powers and people detailed etc.

On the fiction front I’m also plotting out a short story based on the Black Tokyo setting with the intent to put it out on DriveThruFiction.

Lest you all think I forgot, I am still working on the Digital Copy Retail Experiment.  I’ll update you soon on how that’s going.

I demo’d a new card game over the weekend.  I was down in Virginia to see my daughter in a school play, and stopped by the local game store I used to work at to see my buddy Lee Garvin of Reality Cheque fame and the author of Tales From the Floating Vagabond.  Well, it turns out he and a customer had worked out a new card game called:

Badass Zombie Killers!

With a name like that you *can’t* go wrong!  The premise is that the zombie hoard has arisen and you have a very short period of time to construct the most badass zombie killing weapon you can from what you can scrounge.  From there the hilarity begins..  I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t know what I’m allowed to say or not but I thought it was an awesome game.  You win the game by having the highest “Badassery” rating for your chosen weapon when the hoard arrives at your door and it’s time to start zombie killing. Think more like Munchkin than Magic.  No collectable cards but they were darn funny reads.  I can’t wait to see the artwork to go with the descriptions I read.

Lee and I are in talks about getting a table together at this years GenCon.  With luck you will all be able to come by and demo the game for yourself then.

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