General Update 5/26/10

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Lots going on.  Since I broke the old site I am elbow-deep in the re-design.  It’s coming together but will be a slow process as I get in and fill out all the pages.  Bear with me.  I really like the four rotating images that comprise the front page.  The four there now I whipped up fairly quickly, but I can really see the benefit of promoting upcoming projects there.

I am starting to dig the whole Twitter/Facebook thing.  I need to hit the marketing on these sites better.  Possibly free swag for people who follow me on Twitter or Facebook?  Time will tell.

I heard back from one of my artists; he’s diligently cleaning up a slew of sketches I approved so they should be in my hands in a few days.  That will give me all the pieces I need for three Traveller projects on deck.  One S.C.A.R.E., a new Minor Races (the first in a new line of Traveller PDF’s) and another I am keeping under wraps for now.

Chris Field has three short projects on deck as well; just waiting for me to finish the layout.  The plan is to get one of them out later tonight. (Fingers crossed!)

After work I need to hit the DMV to renew the registration on my motorcycle and then to the gun range to sight in my buddies new .987 Huffalump Uber-Magnum.  (Okay, .338 Lapua ***I was wrong it’s actually a .300 Winchester Magnum*** if you want to be all technical about it.)  Either way I know my shoulder is going to be hurting when I get home tonight.  But in a good way. :-)

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