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[Skortched Urf’ Studios] New releases and Announcements

Here is our semi-weekly email detailing the latest releases and company news & announcements from Skortched Urf’ Studios.

New Releases (More details below):

Fantastic Races of the Otherverse: The Ubasti for the Pathfinder RPG

Adventurer Essentials: The Common Tongue for the Pathfinder RPG

Project Watchtower for the Psi-Watch Campaign Setting


New Website. I broke our website.  So I built a new one! We are in the process of moving from one server to another and I managed to break the site.  (Don’t worry, I have good backups!) Since I had to monkey around under the hood, I figured it was time to update the look and feel of the site.  Now we have more of a company portal that a simple Blog.  I think you will like the new look.  There are still some things that need to be addressed, so stay tuned for heavy updating in the next few weeks. Check out the new site HERE.

Facebook & Twitter. In conjunction with the site re-build I’ve added Skortched Urf’ Studios to Facebook, Twitter and our site content can be read via RSS.

Please become a fan,  follow us, or sign up for a feed!

Adventurer Essentials: The Common Tongue for the Pathfinder RPG has been in the top 15 on OBS since we released it!  We are currently sitting at number 11.  For those of you that purchased it, thank you so much for support.  If you have not yet gotten a copy, now would be a great time get it so we can move up into the top 10 again. :-) Don’t forget about the Adventurer Essentials Bundle, that will give you all ten titles in the line at over 50% off.

New Releases:

Fantastic Races of the Otherverse: The Ubasti for the Pathfinder RPG

The Fantastic Races of the Otherverse series converts the most interesting, unusual and powerful player races from Otherverse Games’ D20 Modern-powered settings: Otherverse America, Psi-Watch, Galaxy Command and Black Tokyo, and adapts them for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. More than a just simple conversion to the new rule set, these short sourcebooks imagine how heroes from super-scientific worlds would look in campaigns where magic and the divine are the norm. This series of supplements also provides a few new hints at how the vast and interconnected multiverse of Otherverse Games fits together.

In Otherverse America, the Ubasti are a small species of genetically engineered lions which willingly serve the Choicer’s Coven of Bast. Created as military working animals, Ubasti proved smarter than anyone expected. As soon as their sentience was discovered, the Ubasti were freed. As of 2107, the Ubasti work with the Choicer nation as free sentient beings, and are beloved by Choicer America for their loyalty and courage.

The Ubasti first appeared in the Coven of Bast sourcebook (Otherverse Games, 2009).

For the Pathfinder setting the Ubasti have been re-imagined as nomadic, long-lived sentient lion-folk. Ubasti prides have prowled the veldt since before the bipedal races began recording history. Collectively, the Ubasti are ancient beyond imagining, with the race’s rich oral history acting as their memory and conscience.

This release gives you everything you need to add the Ubasti to your game as a player race. Also included is a short history of the Ubasti, their pantheon, new feats specifically designed for these four-legged warriors and more!

For sale now at OBS .

Look for more Fantastic Races of the Otherverse soon!

Adventurer Essentials: The Common Tongue for the Pathfinder RPG

To convert the unbeliever, you must speak his language. To command an army, your soldiers must understand the bellowed orders of their generals. To trade, to demand surrender or to plead for mercy, to complement or to insult, to seduce, to proselytize, to scheme, to plan….

a common language must first be found.

From almost the beginning of the hobby, fantasy gamers have used such a common language to allow their characters to communicate with one another, and with their friends and enemies. The omnipresent Common is a mostly unquestioned part and parcel of fantasy gaming. If gamers think about what Common is at all, other than a quickly filled in word on a character record, they tend to imagine Common as some kind of trade language, a pidgin blending words and grammar rules from dozens of other languages.

The Common Tongue is not a hodge-podge trade language.

Learn the origins of the Common Tongue as well as varient rules for employing it. Also included in this Pathfinder compatible PDF are a new Diety and his factions, the new Language Clerical Domain, four new language-realted feats and six new spells.  Do something un-common with The Common Tongue!

Project Watchtower for the Psi-Watch Campaign Setting

Project Watchtower is a semi-secret government program whose stated goal was the control and supervision of America’s rapidly growing Mutant population. When the program was instituted in 1953, ‘controlling’ mutants meant extermination, and for generations of America mutants, the grimly iconic “Watchmen” mecha have been harbingers of death. Project Watchtower predates the creation of Psi-Watch by several years, and the two government agencies have worked at cross purposes at several points. Project Watchtower has the brainchild of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover- plans for the program date back to the late 1940s, but Hoover lacked the funding and technological know-how to initiate the black program until decades later.

The first Watchman mecha came on line in 1962. Prior to that, the agency used well armed, FBI-trained mutant hunters to capture or kill mutants. As to be expected, casualties were high, as the hunted mutants fought hard for their lives, slaughtering dozens of FBI-affiliated hunters. Hoover’s towering mechanical warriors were a welcome substitute, and quickly became the most potent weapon in the pure-human arsenal. Upgraded dozens of times over the years, the Watchman series of mecha have included several similar units of gigantic mutant hunters, as well as smaller, more efficient experimental models.

Psi-Watch itself opposed Project Watchtower since its inception, arguing that Mutants make excellent operatives and that hunting the species en masse only breeds more Mutant terrorists. Despite Psi-Watch’s objection, and despite several black operations against Project Watchtower itself, Hoover was able to keep his robotic army in service. By the late 1960s, the large scale Mutant purges of the intolerant 1950s had ended, and Watchman robots were only publically deployed to combat Mutant riots in the inner cities. Well connected, ultra-wealthy Mutant hunters (especially the close friends of Hoover) occasionally ‘rented’ a Watchman mecha as a bodyguard of sorts when they ventured into America’s ghettos to slaughter the genetically unfashionable.

Project Watchtower was officially ended by Jimmy Carter in 1979, but by that time its technology had fallen into the hands of various interests. The Republic of Cebary fields advanced versions of Project Watchtower’s creations, using them to police its enormous slave-Mutant population. The technology has made its way into the open market, becoming almost obsequious. China uses modified Watchmen mecha to maintain internal security, Al Queda uses jury-rigged versions of the robots to carry out terror strikes, while Humanity’s Sweat uses the massive war machines for their original purpose: the eradication of the Mutant threat, wherever it may hide.

This sixteen page sourcebook for the Psi-Watch Campaign setting details Watchtower Mecah units, rules for them gaining sentience, as well as Bio-Guardians and an alternat timeline that introduces Grendel Generation Technology.

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