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I sent off the next S.C.A.R.E. script to JDavid for some art treatment, so look for that soon-ish. I’m in the middle of laying out various other projects as well. The first of the new Minor Races line for the Traveller RPG is on deck, with another right behind it that both have art already done. I’ve got several short projects from Chris Field as well, including a couple new Fantastic Races of the Otherverse and a new class.

Fantasy Firearms is 99% done! I meant to bring the file with me to work but left the thumb drive plugged into my computer at home. I want to print it out and give it another read before I send it off. It’s been a long time coming, but I am quite pleased with the results and have learned a ton by producing such a large book. Looks like the final page count will be 96 pages of AWESOME! :-)

I started work on a Traveller release I’m calling “Augments & Upgrades”. I’m stealing borrowing the drain mechanic from work Chris Field did for D20 modern and implementing it into the Traveller system for augments. Some small augments have little or even no drain, but once you reach a certain level you’ll need some kind of power supply as many cybernetic augments require more juice that a normal human body can produce. I’ve got some really cool stuff planned, from P.A.N.’s (Personal Area Networks) that tie multiple augments together to Battle Dress interface mods and ways to make characters tougher, smarter and faster.

Here is a (still in the early stages) preview of one I worked up last night:

Skin Pigmentation Mod
Type: Biological or Hybrid
Description: This augment allows the user to change their skin pigmentation virtually at will. When activated, an amino acid sequence is altered in the host that interacts with the the pituitary gland (or alien equivalent) to regulate melanin content in the skin. This can be achieved naturally, limiting the available skin tones to those normal for the species, or use a supply of synthetic melanin that allows virtually limitless color variations. Higher TL variants can produce patterns rather than a single tone. This augment is fairly common, and is used to protect citizens of planets and bases where the star emits high levels of ultraviolet radiation. On particularly dangerous stations, a metallic sheen has even been used to actively reflect harmful rays or protect from higher than optimal temperature ranges. Naturally, the addition of a synthetic melanin supply has opened up the augment to use by the military for camouflaging scouts and forward observers, spies so they can blend in with a native population, and even entertainers who can now make their beauty literally ‘skin deep’.

Restrictions: Not typically restricted where augments are common, but might be on low-tech worlds.

TL9     Drain 0  Cr.1500   Simple, biological mod restricted to species normal pigments. Three hours to change skin tone.
TL10  Drain 0   Cr.3000  As TL9 but adds synthetic melanin for near limitless color palette. 3 Hr to change skin tone.
TL11   Drain 0   Cr.6000  As TL10 but can reproduce patterns stored in the mods memory chip. 1 Hr to change skin tone.
TL12  Drain 0   Cr.12,000  As TL110 but can reproduce patterns captured via camera, optics etc. 15 min to change tone.
TL13 Drain .5 Cr.25,000 As TL111 but with multiple melanin implants-points for added speed. 5 min to change skin tone.
TL14 Drain .5 Cr.50,000 As TL113 but with many melanin implants-points for increased speed. 1 round (6 sec) to change.

Some of my most astute readers (Hi Mom!) might recognize that mod from SCARE Vol. 2 but in this case I’ve actually spelled out how the mod works and how much it would cost to buy it in game terms.  If you want simple protection and don’t mind waiting a few hours for the change it can be had fairly cheap, but if you want to change colors on-the-fly then it will cost you a bit more.

So what do you think?  Like it?  Hate it?  Please share your thoughts on the matter by either commenting here, via Facebook or Twitter.  Got any ideas for more mods you would like to see? I’m all ears!

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