What I’m working on now -6/21/10

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Sorry for the lack of posts!  I have been super busy the last few weeks.  On the home front my wife lost her job a couple weeks ago which really sucks.  The job hunt is on but needless to say the stress level has jumped a notch or two.  (It may even affect my GenCon plans!) Time will tell.

Also, work had me hopping last week.  My day job had me clocking fifty hours including two days where I had to be in at Oh-Dark-Thirty which curtailed late night RPG work.  (But the overtime will be nice since!)

But never fear, I have been toiling away every spare moment I could find.  In fact yesterday I finished the layout of two new Traveller releases. Check out the first two releases in our Minor Races line:

We have quite a few new races lined up.  These two were the first and a third one is already in my hand ready for art and layout.  Just the thing to spice up your Sci-Fi game!

The first installment of the Augments and Upgrades line is nearing completion as well.  I focusing on augments that change or alter ones appearance for the first release.  I figure grouping augments by category will be a good way to tackle them.  I’ve got some really cool ideas and can’t wait til we get into adding power-plants, weeapons and massive cybernetic re-construction to the mix!

I’m also putting the finishing touches on the big Fantasy Firearms release; including a new cover.  I’m expecting a draft of the cover any day now.

On deck I have a couple of smaller releases of my own and quite a few from Chris Field.  He’s been busy with a new core class, a short PDF on Alchemy and some more Fantastic Races of the Otherverse.

On top of all that I am also in the beginning stages of a large modern RPG setting/game.

Right now I’m trying to get as many small (5-10 page) projects laid out and ready for release as I can to clear up the log-jam.  Once I have them all lined up and ready I can focus on the larger projects and automate the release schedule.

I really enjoyed seeing the free adventures Mongoose put out for the Traveller game.  I may begin running them for a local group.  It also gave me the idea of doing something similar.  I’ve been reading what Louis Porter Jr. has been talking about regarding a free version of the Dungeon a Day concept, and spoken a bit with him about it.  So I am toying with the idea of turning my Zhawaan Shipyard project into a “Base of Operations” around which to stage free adventures for the Traveller community to use.  It’s still in the very early planning stages, but instead of a PDF or print project I envision it as a website where players and GM’s can access info about the system in general (Shipyard, High-Port, Low-Port, Breakers Yard, Naval Base, Scout Base, Asteroid Belt etc.) as well as specific adventures set in, around or that jump off from the system.

More info soon!

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